Client Acquisition Strategies for Beginners!

Client acquisition is the process of obtaining new clients. Usually, businesses will have a budget for client acquisition. This is usually part of the marketing budget. Then, they make decisions based on their goals and their budget. Here are some client acquisition strategies for beginners. Set a Client Acquisition Budget This is important because it…
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4 Call Center Mistakes That Cost You Clients!

For a growing business, creating a call center or outsourcing calls is often a serious business decision. It’s made to help the business owner and other key personnel by giving them more time to focus on providing services and continuing to grow the business. If there’s one thing that we all know to be true…
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Tips for Working Smarter!

Technology makes it easier for us to get more done each day. Yet, working smarter isn’t necessarily easy. These tips will make working smarter easier for you. Make Sure You’re Using the Right Technology There are a lot of choices out there for billing, accounts receivable, marketing, client information, and practically everything else in the…
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