Clients A.R.M. partners with companies that are able to help our clients meet their needs. We are actively seeking partners.

Partnering with Clients A.R.M.

Clients A.R.M. reviews the business plans and goals of each potential partner. If we both agree that we can assist each other in meeting our objectives, then we can partner together as a support system between ourselves and also for the benefit of our clients.

Clients A.R.M. will offer your solutions to our clients if they will help us meet the needs of our client. This will give you a boost in your sales for a fraction of what you pay sales staff. Our goal is to help our clients meet their needs and to see our partners increase their revenue.

If you like the services that we offer, we can also assist you with your accounts receivable process for less than it would cost for you to have an on-site employee.

Our theory is simple. We help each other become better. This is old fashioned business in effect. If you’re interest in becoming a partner, review our services. Then, visit our inquiry page or email us at Our Executive Director will call you to discuss the possibility of partnering together.

Our Partners

One Main

Financing Partners for Clients and Merchants

Marketing SEO/SEM Partners


Desktop Remote Partners


Credit Card Application
 Merchant Enrollment


Legal Forms

Billing & Collection Software for Lawyers

Law Firm CRM


Real, Live Virtual Receptionists