Collection Agency

Clients A.R.M. is Serving the following States: California, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington State.

We help you get paid! Where Old-Fashioned customer service meets 21st century accounts receivable expertise. Use our friendly professional, aggressive collection team when you feel your commercial or service industry account will not pay unless professional collection skills are present. Immediate contact is made by our experienced professional collection team with multiple years of experience, our techniques will achieve the goal of collecting the debt that you expect and deserve. With a network of Clients A.R.M. collection team strategically located all of the United States, claims will be handled to your perfection. You will have your designated collection team working on your accounts to give the old-fashioned customer service desired with your customers or clients.

Collection Rates (The % below relates to the percentage Clients A.R.M. is paid from all accounts collected for your company. You owe Clients A.R.M. nothing if we do not collect on your accounts.)

  • 50% Contingent fee for invoices $500.00 and less
  • 35% Contingent fee for invoices $501.00- $2000.00
  • 30% Contingent fee for invoices $2001.00 and above
  • Special rates may apply based on the volume of accounts. See executive director for special consideration on %.
  • 50% Contingent fee applies to all claims that have been previously placed with other Legal Department for legal action or if you have obtained your own small claims judgment.
  • 50%-60% rate applies to all claims that need to be placed with Clients A.R.M. Legal Department for legal action
  • Pre-collect final demand letters based on volume and charged by the volume
  • Pre-collect final demand calls based on volume and charged by the volume

Bonded & Professional Collection Attorneys (Placing accounts for Legal)

Clients A.R.M. has secured Professional Legal Counsel in each State we service, with expertise in the litigation of past due accounts. This service should be utilized when the debtor's financial condition or attitude indicates it cannot be collected without legal action. You are kept advised of our progress and we ask for your approval prior to sending any claim to an attorney for Legal action. You can also send the account to us for collections and direct that we place the account immediately with our Legal Department for Legal Action.

Placing accounts for Legal Action Rates:
Accounts less than $1000.00 may not be forwarded for suit. If an account is forwarded to a Bonded & Professional Collection Attorney accepting commercial collection rates, the following rates apply:

  • 45% - 50% of the all monies collected that require Legal Action. Filling fees may be required of the Creditor for Legal Action.
  • This rate may be negotiated depending on volume of accounts with our agency.

How do you get your money when debt is collected?

Every month when we collect for the debtor you placed with Clients A.R.M., we place that money in a trust account and once a month when we prepare our billing we will send you the remaining portion of the collected debt less any fees owed to Clients A.R.M. previously agreement upon with your company or firm.

In some areas the above rates may not apply. Again, you will be advised of the rate. If it is higher, we will advise you as we obtain your approval to forward the account to our Legal Department for Legal Action. Clients A.R.M. will send you a separate contract to file legal action against the debtor.

The creditor (your company or firm) is required to advance court costs and suit fees which are usually nominal. We discuss these with you in advance so you can make an informed decision when determining whether to have the account placed with an attorney.

Learn more about our 3rd-party Collections service:

Third-party collections or collection agencies are separate companies contracted by a company to collect debts on their behalf for a fee. When calling as a 3rd party collector you call under the name of the collection agency. Third party collection agencies are regulated by the FDCPA, FDCP & TCPA.

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