How It Works

Clients ARM is a third party, licensed and bonded collections agency, focused on exceptional third party accounts receivable management. We're proud of our high recovery rates, which we achieve through skip tracing, reporting to the bureau, asset research and filing lawsuits. Call for your free collection review today at (206) 905-6360!

ClientsARM Services

What We Do

Virtual Third Party Collections

We help companies small medium and large with third party collections. We are a licensed and bonded Collection Agency in over 29 states in the US.

An Unmatched AR Track Record

Our representatives have the highest recovery rate - it's above the rest. We use every legal method available to us to collect your debts. Our third party collection recovery rate is one of the best in the United States, with over 30 years experienced collection experts, we get you paid.

Reliable Customer Service

Clients A.R.M. was founded on the principle of offering Old-fashioned customer service to each of our clients. That means responsive, reliable representatives that can help assess your situation and take care of your clients as though they are our own.

How Clients A.R.M. Can Help

Clients A.R.M. helps small, medium and large businesses save time, money, and avoid endless AR hassles.

About Clients A.R.M.

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