Outsourced First Party Billing & Collection Services

Virtual Client Account Management:

Outsourced First Party Billing & Collection Services

Serving Attorneys and Service Industries

Clients A.R.M. provides outsourced first party billing and collection services bundled in comprehensive packages that ensure your business will be protected.

Whether you're a well-established firm or just starting out, it pays to outsource your client intake processing to an experienced management company. The benefits of outsourcing your client intake processing include:

  • Reducing overhead and never losing a lead
  • Fielding intake calls during after-hours and overflow
  • We understand your area of law and the questions to ask potential clients
  • Providing accurate audit trails and reporting services
  • Prioritizing leads by quality, potential, and other specified factors
  • Converting your leads into Clients
  • Welcome the Clients with clear expectations on billing and collection process to help the client have a positive experience and understand when they are expected to pay their deposits or invoices.

We prioritize client intake by lead quality and urgency, which can dramatically reduce overhead and save valuable time and resources.

The process of billing and collections can be time consuming and frustrating for business owners – especially when they should be focusing that time and energy on growing and maintaining their businesses.

Clients A.R.M.’s comprehensive billing process operation can provide your company with the following benefits:

  • Accounts receivable management experts
  • Train Attorneys on how to request deposits for phases of cases
  • Client account management experts, leading to happy and paying clients.
  • Notify Attorneys immediately when a client can’t pay
  • Manage all the client’s issues, questions or concerns with billing
  • Accurate pre-bill edit reviews, reduce write downs from experience with 100’s of timekeepers.
  • Efficient and well executed invoicing and payment application from trust accounts.
  • Proper reporting for collections and billing for management staff
  • Electronic invoice payment options
  • Automating processes for customer outreach and notifications

Through an advance fee deposit system, Clients A.R.M. can even collect over 90 percent of your revenue before you bill your clients or before their terms are due.

Clients A.R.M. employs the latest in secure and efficient payment processing tools for a variety of businesses. Our services reduce your operational costs and ensure critical payments are processed on time and on a regular basis.

Get a Free Revenue Process Review

Clients A.R.M. can review your accounts receivable process and help you maximize your revenue and minimize costs. Our professionals will remove the aspects of your processes that are not working and put in place those useful tools to reach your revenue goals.

Our company has more than 30 years of experience with credit management, client intake, administration, client services, billing, accounts receivable, and soft collections. The results we can provide for you will take you above all your competitors.

Contact Clients A.R.M. today for a free revenue review of your business and to discover the proven first party processes our top-notch managers use to increase businesses’ revenue.