ClientsARM consulted with our Lawfirm, set up policies and procedures. Cleaned up all our old accounts receivable in less than two months. The are now managing all our client intake and retaining process, managing our Attorneys and all the deposit requests for AR and our monthly billing for a fraction of the cost to hire the people to do the work. We are happy we found ClientsARM....

I am a Family Lawyer in a sole practice. I am to busy to do all the back end work with my Clients and frankly I get tired of the complaints about my billing. I hired Clients A.R.M. to help with my retaining process, billing and collecting Advance deposits. Wow, in less than 3 months my AR is beginning to turn around for the better. I increased my business by 20% and my revenues rose over $75k in three months. The cost to hire Clients A.R.M. is cheaper then hiring a fulltime employee. They work remote so you don't have to house another employee. This company's work ethics and their knowledge is phenomenal. My Client Account Manager understood the Clients and how busy I am as a family lawyer. The Client Account Manager, wrote policies and procedures; took charge of my client intake process and collecting advance deposits from my clients without my input, she understood how to estimate costs per phases of the case & then requested deposits from my clients. She did the back end difficult work so I could do my job, being a Great Lawyer. Whether your a small firm or large, this company understands our industry and our clients. I am so glad I found them and will never let them go.

S.E. Hawkins - Dallas, Texas,

Clients A.R.M. is easy to work with and they get the results our Company needs. The experienced staff are director level Credit and Collection Managers at a fraction of the cost to hire employees to do the job they are able to perform. This is the company to use when you need help with your receivables. - G.G. Seattle, Washington.

G. G. Hanson, Designer

As a Director of Accounting, I am required to ensure I meet all budgets of my company. I hired ClientsA.R.M. to repair and enhance our Accounts Receivable process. Our ClientsA.R.M. Accounts Receivable Manager, reviewed and repaired our revenue process with new policies and procedures. She managed our monthly DSO budget and met and exceeded our revenue requirements each month. We are very grateful to ClientsA.R.M. for saving our company. Professional, courtesy, hardworking, knowledgeable staff. This was the best money we ever spent.

S.F. Wentworth,