Clients A.R.M. Services

Why use Clients A.R.M. Services?

Clients A.R.M. takes old-fashioned customer service and 32+ years of experience and has created services that you won’t find with an average Billing and Collection service. We have state of the art remote options that make working together seamless. Our CEO’s, Firm Administrators and Credit and Collection Managers are beyond reproach in their skill set and ability to deliver the results your Law Firm, Medical Office or Corporate Business needs.

Our Skip tracing tools and Collection Agency finishes the job with friendly trained agents who know how to do their job with professionalism that is above the rest. Our supreme staff can either help you with consulting services providing Policies and Procedures to enhance or correct your revenue process, or we can work as 3rd party agents, with our licensed and bonded collection agency; when legal action is necessary to collect your precious revenue. We have many other services to offer for all your back office needs. Don’t miss your chance for a free process review, contact us at 206.596.3000!

Your Firm Administrator & Account Manager for Law Firms:

- Client Services and Customer Service Support for Billing and Collection issues.

- Manage daily time keeping, Pre-bill edits & final monthly billing.

- Soft Call Third Party Collections & Advance Fee IOLTA Trust Deposits.

Your Office Manager & Account Manager for Healthcare:

- ICD Coding, Insurance Claim Electronic Submissions and Patient Monthly E-Billing.

- Soft Call Third Party Collections & Placing Delinquent Accounts for Collections.

Your CEO & Credit/Collection Manager for Corporate Companies:

- ClientsARM Credit Manager Services – Setting limits for your new or existing customers.

- Customer Service Experts & Customer return/credit processing.

- Monthly Electronic Billing.

- Meet Budgeted DSO with Third Party Soft Collection Calls.

- Place Delinquent Accounts for Collections.

Your Accounts Receivable Consulting (Services industry & Corporate)

- Credit Management Services for New Customers Procedures.

- Human Resources Recruiting for Service industry and Corporate AR Needs.

- Customer Service Policies and Procedure Processing.

- Customer Returns and Credit Processing & Procedures.

- Billing Perfectionist Policies & Procedures.

- Accounts Receivable Policies & Procedures.

- Third Party Collection Agency Policies.

Old-Fashioned Customer Services meets 21st Century Expertise!

Unlike other first-party outsourced billing and collection firms, Clients A.R.M. acts as a natural extension of your company, providing responsive, professional customer service to all of your clients. With Clients A.R.M. at your side, your credit management, customer service, billing, trust collections, soft collection calls, and other processes can be completely overhauled and moved off-site, allowing you to focus on your business itself and leave the revenue collection work to us - all while saving 40% of the hard cost to employ staff, with director level experience doing the work.

"Old-Fashioned Customer Service Meets 21st-Century Accounts Receivable Expertise".

Clients A.R.M. prides itself on our commitment to our clients. We work with you to overhaul and optimize your accounts receivable and billing services as if we were an on-staff employee. As a natural extension of your operations, you can count on us to represent and serve you in a professional and courteous manner. We treat your business like we own it.

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