ClientsARM Credit Manager

ClientsARM Credit Manager is a Powerful Tool and Provides Credit Solutions for Companies to ensure secured revenue, Powered by Clients A.R.M. LLC!

ClientsARM Credit Manager!

Your accounts receivable problems begin the day you meet your potential client and forgo the credit management process, of running a credit check, check references and setting a professional credit limit. All successful businesses have a credit department working with their sales staff to increase business and protect revenue. Let Clients A.R.M. LLC be your Credit Department and watch your revenue soar!

How ClientsARM Credit Manager Works?

ClientsARM Credit Manager is an online tool that is simple to use. Sign up for our services, fill out our inquiry screen with your potential client or potential customer information and receive fast credit decisions for your clients or customers. If references are required to make a credit decision it will take a little additional time to make the decision. Same day, usually same hour decisions. If you have multiple clients you need credit limits for, simply upload your spreadsheet with the appropriate information and let Client’s ARM do the heavy lifting for you. We will be your remote Credit department, ensuring we help you protect your revenue and increase your bottom line. ClientsARM LLC will cost a fraction of a Credit Manager or Credit Assistant and you will receive decisions from Credit Managers with multiple years of experience, fast, friend and inexpensive. Let Clients A.R.M. LLC become your virtual Credit Department sending immediate automated decisions to your companies designated email. Simple, cost effective and a necessity in growing business.

What Is the Cost of ClientsARM Credit Manager?

ClientsARM Credit Manager is an affordable online product, based on your company’s volume you pay a one-time set up fee and minimal monthly fee for a fulltime 24/7 credit manager with over 30 plus years of experience in multiple industry’s. We work for Lawyers & Doctors, Corporate Distributors and Manufacturers. What is it worth to your company to have secure revenue and continued growth for the fraction of the cost to hire a full time Credit Manager? Let Clients A.R.M. LLC, do the heavy lifting for your revenue security. HOW TO GET STARTED- simply send us an inquiry, call 206 596 3000 or email

Customer Credit Decisions Pricing

Package A


Credit Review for up to 50 Clients Monthly*

Package B


Credit Review for up to 200 Clients Monthly*

Package C

Based on Volume

Credit Review for unlimited Clients Monthly*

*Customer Credit Decision packages include appropriate retainers for clients retaining law firms (whether consumer or corporate) and appropriate credit terms for corporations