ClientsARM Finance Manager

Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager is a Powerful Tool and Provides FREE Funding Referral Solutions, Powered by Clients A.R.M. LLC!

If you could make more money, would you want to do that? If you could eliminate the risk of delinquent accounts by being paid in full, would you? Really, what business owner wouldn’t want to make more money and eliminate the potential of past due accounts? Are you looking for more capital to grow your business? We have the referral solutions to help you!

Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager

Clients A.R.M. is proud to announce the release of our free funding solution Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager. Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager is a powerful tool that can help you make more money and have fewer past due accounts. There’s absolutely no obligation for you or for your potential clients.

Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager is a free matching service that can help your clients get the money that they need in order to pay you in full for your services. Clients A.R.M. provides this service free of charge. There’s also no obligation for using it.

How Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager Works

Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager is an online tool that is simple to use. You can walk your client through the questions to help them find a lender, or simply refer your client to Clients A.R.M. and we will help your client finance your services. You can provide the Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager link to your clients and they can use it on their own. You can provide your client with Clients A.R.M. contact information and they can contact us for help. Once the information is furnished by your client, Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager works to match them with the right lender to meet their needs. There is no charge for this service.

Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager FAQ

No. Clients A.R.M. is not a financier or a loan generation company. We are a premier accounts receivable management service for lawyers, doctors, healthcare facilities, engineers, architects, and other service professionals. We are not a lender. Clients A.R.M. is a third party referral service. We do not provide the loan and we do not keep personal information on file of those requesting loan assistance. Clients A.R.M. provides this free tool in an effort to continue to provide support to service based businesses.
Yes! Lawyers who opt to use Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager are not violating the confidentiality rule. Ethical rules relating to the financing of clients is not violated, either. You are not providing their personal or case information to us. We do not keep that information on file. Your clients can use Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager on their own and find the lender that is right for their needs. Lawyers and their clients can take advantage of this free service without any obligation. We want your clients to get the legal representation that they need during this stressful time.
Yes! Doctors can provide the Hello Finance Manager link to their patients. This will help your patients get the care that they need. Patients could use the funding to meet their deductible with their insurance company, pay for their healthcare service in full, or for whatever else they need during this delicate time. We can also help offer merchant programs to Doctors, Dentist and Healthcare Providers for your clients. There is no obligation for doctors or their patients to use Hello Finance Manager. We want your patients to get the care that they deserve and need.
Yes! Whether your company is looking for capital to fund your next project or your customers need financing to buy your products, Clients A.R.M. LLC can refer you to a lender that will help review your financial needs. It is free and easy to use.
Absolutely! In fact, any service based company can use Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager in two distinct ways. First, you could provide Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager to your clients so that they can pay for your service in full. This will help eliminate some of the risks found in business. You’ll have fewer delinquent accounts and your clients will get the services from you that they want and need. Second, you could utilize Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager for yourself as a business owner. We understand that business is expensive. We know that it often takes capital to expand, provide new services, or hire more employees. Hello Finance Manager can match your business with the right lender for your needs.
Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager is a free, easy to use service provided by Clients A.R.M. To use Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager, just click here. You’ll be taken to our page that will explain exactly how Hello Finance Manager works. Clients A.R.M. Finance Manager asks for basic information and we will help you find the right lender…for free. What do you or your clients have to lose?

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